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A working list of my acts of self-care


  • Netflix, so much netflix. But not too much binge watching, which sometimes makes me feel trash, I find a good hour and half/two hours of pure dissociation from the real world and into Seattle Grace hospital is perfect. (FYI currently obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, Dietland, Desperate Housewives, Brooklyn 99 and Nailed it)

  • Hot hot hot baths, and all the pampering works. I’m talking face masks, eyebrow plucking, bath bombs from Lush. The process may not be pretty, but I sure as hell am afterwards.

  • Naps, all the time. Stress naps, celebration naps, cat naps, bus-naps-as-I-listen-to-my-podcasts naps. I love them all.

  • I like to buy myself flowers occasionally on my way back from work; waking up to them really fills me with joy.

  • I surround myself in blankets and pretend I’m back inside the comfort of the womb.

  • My guilty pleasure is watching spot popping videos on youtube and instagram. What can I say? I DON'T ACTUALLY FEEL GUILTY: I LOVE IT.

  • Sometimes I like to bathe in my pretentious behaviour and wear this beret around the house. I got in Paris; it was just three euros, but makes me feel at least three million.

  • I find lavender and orange makes me feel calm and happy so I use any opportunity to put it on me. Perfumes, bath bombs, essential oils- I’m alll over it and it’s mostly all over me.

  • I like looking at baby gorillas and golden retrievers on instagram, so I can get that good old dopamine boost.

  • I have a little log for the compliments or well wishes my friends give me. When I need a boost, I just flick through my screenshots.

  • Instagram AGAIN. I like to watching dancing challenges and then practice them in the safety and comfort of my bedroom- until my parents start banging on my door shouting ‘WHAT IS THAT NOISE’.

  • Wax sealing/ floral foam/amsr videos- google it and feel peace wash over you


  • Sometimes I like to cook a particularly good, decadent meal from scratch that requires all my focus. Give it a couple of hours, and then I have a kitchen full of yummy smells and a physical manifestation of my achievements- which is usually a roast chicken.

  • As a poor uni student, I used to draw out a fiver and buy five of the most random ass products from the pound shop- yes, I do believe in the power of good old retail therapy But also, like, affordable.

  • A recent love of mine: dancing wildly and miming to Cardi B. Man, ‘I like it’ just makes me feel EMPOWERED.

  • Taking myself out on little dates. I love going to museums and cinemas by myself, where I can silently cry and pretend I’m in a movie with piano music as my background track.

  • Evette recommended that I buy an xbox. It’s old, second hand, and I have spent many Sunday nights decapitating the heads of frost trolls on Skyrim. It's great.

  • Weather dependant, I like to stand in my back garden in bare feet, and feel the grass between my toes. It’s a weird little grounding ceremony, that makes me feel at peace.

  • Oh my, do I love a good stretch. I spend a good five/ten minutes at least a day rotating my legs, neck, spine- knowing every part of me and how good it feels to move it, knowing it’s all connected.

  • I take myself out of my own head and focus my efforts on brightening up someone else’s day. I will lavish them with compliments, or recommend an article that reminded me of them.


  • Making lists: of things that bring me joy, meals I like to eat, future baby names. I’m not ashamed to admit that the Google Keep app is my most used app on my phone.

  • This video with kid president- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-gQLqv9f4o. Three minutes and it makes me cry, and it makes me laugh and it’s the best pep talk ever.

  • In school assemblies as a teenager, I learnt how to silently recite the alphabet backwards in my head. I now use it if I need a quick fix and distraction from some upcoming panic.

  • I ​​live by a routine. I try to go to bed at the same time, and wake up at the same time. Daily showers, planned meals, and frequent episodes ghtghof ‘me’ time in the day where I can just be with my thoughts.

  • I’m lame, and I like to take personality quizzes, look up my starsign and learn how to read palms. I don’t really give any credence to these things, but it’s just another avenue in which I can try to understand myself better. Plus, they are great party tricks.

  • I set boundaries now, and refuse to feel pressured to go out if I don’t feel like it, or keep in contact with someone who brings toxicity to my life. I owe it to myself, to look after and care for myself first and foremost.